Carpenter Racing Hayabusa Pipe and Port Package

Carpenter Racing, the leader in motorcycle cylinder head innovation, has again left the competition smelling exhaust with a new Hayabusa performance package that brings their industry-leading horsepower output to new, unimagined levels.

Some said it couldn’t be done.

While cylinder head development typically comes on the intake side, Carpenter Racing has recently focused their attention on the exhaust side – and has made some big gains in horsepower.

Carpenter’s new “Pipe and Port Combo” combines a new, Carpenter-designed full sidewinder exhaust system with a radical port design on the exhaust side of the head. The result is a six horsepower gain over Carpenter’s already legendary, dyno-bending numbers.

“This package is meant for the racer that has to have it all,” said Bob Carpenter. “It’s for situations where every horsepower counts. It’s for serious people.”

The package is based around a purpose-built exhaust system featuring large diameter, 1-7/8” tubing from the port to the four-into-one, 360-degree fining-order collector and a race-only megaphone.

The head is then machined to fit the larger pipe and then opened up to accept larger valves.

Simply put, it is a true race pipe matched to a true race exhaust port.

The results are beyond impressive. “To find six horsepower over what we have already done is amazing,” said Carpenter.

The new exhaust system is well-fitting, allowing for the stock radiator as well as the second air pump (which Carpenter re-plumbs as an evacuation pump). The system does, however, require the lower fairing to be modified or removed outright.

The installed exhaust system yields as much ground clearance as any pipe on the market, even more than a 1-inch oil pan.

This package can be added to any of Carpenter’s Hayabusa packages.

Hayabusa Pipe and Port Package

• Machining of front of cylinder head
• Additional 5-axis CNC porting
• Full radius venturi valve job
• Larger exhaust valves
• Full stainless exhaust system with megaphone
• Valves adjusted to your camshaft.

Drive-in, Drive-out

Mail Order Package

With receipt of cylinder head

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