BMW S 1000 RR

The BMW S 1000 RR is one of the most impressive sportbikes on the market today.

It is an engineering masterpiece, aimed right at the 1 liter Japanese sportbike market. And by all accounts, it blows the competition away.

As soon as we got one in the shop we did what we always do: put it on the dyno and then take it apart. We dug straight for the cylinder head.

The first step is always to focus on the port design - what we do best.

"The cylinder head on the BMW S 100 RR is really well done," said Bob Carpenter. "But I thought we could improve on it."

The port was studied and Carpenter saw the path he wanted to take. He took to the grinding bench and went to work.

"I had it in my head," he said. "I put it in that head."

With no other modifications or upgrade components, we bolted it back together and put it pack on the dyno. When we looked at the screen there were smiles all over the shop.

The stock version pumped out 185.1 horsepower on its second pull - about what you would expect from looking at the spec sheet. After the head porting, the second pull yielded 193.8 horsepower. A gain of almost nine horsepower.

We even surprised ourselves.

Our clients didn't believe it.

"They think we made some other changes. I tell them to smell the gas if they want," said Carpenter. "The only change we made was to the port. We did no tuning whatsoever. The air cleaner is still in it!"

The hand-ported head has been traced on our 5-axis CNC machine where it can be replicated for a reasonable cost for our customers.

"This is only the beginning," continued Carpenter. "We do one thing at a time, this way we know what the changes are. We just started to scratch the surface on this bike."

Camshafts were next. Then we will look at the air cleaner, the exhaust system, etc. For now we are offering our porting package mail order only, you send us your head, we perform the work and return it ready for assembly.

BMW S 1000 RR Head Porting includes:

  • 5-axis CNC Porting
  • Full radius valve job

$1500 mail order
with receipt of your bare cylinder head
For a complete head please add $250 for
disassembly, cleaning, assembly and valve adjustment

BMW S 1000 RR Head and Cam Package

We took a second look at the S 1000 RR and decided to add cams to our porting package. Our head and cam package is the next step to getting the most out of your S 1000 RR - without the addition of a power adder.  This package makes 210+ HP.  Cecil Towner of HTP Performance recorded over 216 HP on his.  Check out his dyno sheet:

BMW S 1000 RR Head and Cam Package includes:

  • 5-axis CNC Porting
  • Full radius valve job
  • Custom Billet Cams
  • New Retainers
  • High Chrome Silicon wire Valve Springs

$5,200 Complete
Turn-Key - Drive-in, Drive-out
Tuned and Mapped

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